Canadian composer Tate Pumfrey of Southwestern Ontario is bringing his signature eclectic sound to contemporary classical music. Currently finishing his undergraduate degree at Western University in London, Ontario, it has been a winding road to where he is today. Over the years, Tate took lessons in piano, piano accordion, Celtic fiddle, trombone, voice and pipe organ. While he doesn't play all of these instruments today, this varied musical upbringing gives his music a distinct sound and a particular voice. Tinged with folk-like melodies, inflected with modality, and filled with roving harmonies, Tate's music is a unique blend of unusual influences. With a love for the traditional music of Scotland, Bruckner, Vaughan Williams, and Gregorian chant, his musical fingerprint is like no other. He writes choral music, hymns, organ works, and chamber music, but is interested in exploring other classical genres and differing instrumentation. Tate is beginning his master's in composition at York University in Toronto thisĀ fall 2020, where he will study under Stephanie Martin.